Valentine’s Day is nearly here!

Saturday 8 February 2014 - Filed under Events

We were at Ripon Charity Pantomime Group’s fine show Sinbad and the Dark Crystal in January, so this was our first meeting of 2014 in the Youth Centre. It was good to welcome Charlotte, Heather and Jen, who will all be helping us in different ways.


Craft enthusiasts worked on cards for their loved ones.


Quiz mistress Carole read out the questions devised by Margaret who, unfortunately, was unable to be with us today. Competition between the boys’ and girls’ teams was keen.

Table tennis and browsing the Internet were also options and, to finish off the morning, Jerry organised a game of Bingo. The prize was one of Jennyruth Workshop’s beautiful Valentine cards.

For more photographs of the morning’s activities, click on the thumbnails below.