Third time lucky!

Saturday 11 June 2016 - Filed under Events

Having been rained off two years running, we were all looking anxiously at the sky earlier on today.


Luckily, a dull morning turned out to be dry and mild, so we were able to bowl on the impeccable green belonging to Ripon Spa Gardens Bowling Club.


As before, RSGBC members who had given up their Saturday morning for us provided instruction, encouragement and even refreshments, so a good time was had by all. We were reminded that the correct term for a bowling ball is ‘a wood’.


Learning how to hold the ‘wood’ correctly is very important.


The correct stance helps too.


Practice makes perfect!


Someone has to retrieve the ‘woods’ at the end of each game and we had a willing volunteer.


Having had a go at bowls, some people decided to see if they could transfer their new skills to Boccia, an old favourite with RAP members.