AGM and RAP’s got Talent

Wednesday 17 October 2018 - Filed under Events

We were honoured to receive mayoral parties from Ripon, Boroughbridge and Pateley Bridge this morning.

They arrived in plenty of time to observe the craft activity that preceded the main events.

This was the rolling of bird seeds in peanut butter to hang up and feed our feathered friends during the winter.

It was quite a sticky business, but everyone seemed to enjoy it.

We were delighted that one of our honoured guests chose to have a go.

The AGM followed, in which 2017-2018 was reviewed and plans for the future discussed.

Then it was time for members to display their various talents. Voting by the mayoral parties was close, but the Evason family won with their spirited demonstration of Makaton.

Click on the images below to see who did what this time around!