RAP is 25!

Saturday 11 May 2019 - Filed under Events


Founded in 1994, RAP has just reached its Silver Anniversary and we celebrated in style this morning.

The celebration cakes were made for us by Sue and there was plenty of other delicious food as well, savoury nibbles and a big coffee cake from Danielle. Thank you!

There was a craft activity to begin with, but the room became fuller and fuller as honoured guests and former volunteers crowded in to join us. We were delighted to see them all.

Even local reporter Finola Fitzpatrick and photographer Gerard Binks came to see what we were up to. We’ll look forward to seeing ourselves in the Ripon Gazette next week!

We were making coasters from old CDS.

It was quite a sticky business but fun.

Some patience required though.

Jerry had worked tirelessly to create a display of past activities.

The Music Men entertained us.

We each received a souvenir magnet made specially for us by the Jennyruth workshop, at which some of us are employed. Its website is

11th May 2019
Ripon Activity Project 25th Anniversary event.
Pictured big group shot of people attending
Picture Gerard Binks

This wonderful group photo (taken by Gerard Binks for the Ripon Gazette) is certainly one to cherish.

Finally Jerry thanked everyone for attending and WE THANKED HIM for everything he does for RAP all year round.